NERVOSA - Victim Of Yourself

Nervosa - Victim Of Yourself

12 songs
45:16 minutes
***** ***


The year 2014 will have everyone relating Brazil to the FIFA World Cup, but the big South American country also offers a very fertile metal scene, which brings us to Nervosa, a thrash metal band consisting of three ladies from Sao Paolo. Founded in 2010, a first demo appeared in 2012, to be followed by the debut longplayer Victim Of Yourself in 2014.

The trio is playing the typical rock instruments guitar, bass and drums, and the sound comes as raw and unpolished as expected. The three band members not only look quite ruthless, they sound accordingly. I get the impression that they are strongly influenced by the German thrash metal scene of the Eighties. Bands like Kreator, Sodom and Destruction have definitely left their traces. After the relatively long instrumental intro, things truly start with Twisted Values. Vocalist Fernanda croaks in such a mean and evil way that you might mistake her performance as that of a man. The uncompromising Justice Be Done offers more of the same. Actually the three furies never take the pedal of the metal. The songs are not that complicated and thrive off the wonderfully cranky guitar solos and a very imposing bass sound which gives the music its trademark sound. Especially the title track and Into Mosh Pit are two songs that offer an ideal introduction to the bandís sound. The only slightly less fierce tracks are Wake Up And Fight and Death, but that doesnít mean that Nervosa are acting any less brutal.

If you like traditional thrash metal that is taking no prisoners, Nervosa are just the band for you. The three young women donít waste time and just play straight from their guts. Thrash fans canít do anything wrong by picking up Victim Of Yourself.

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