NEURAXIS - Truth Beyond...

Neuraxis - Truth Beyond...

12 songs
39:41 minutes
***** ****


Canadian metal has always had a terrifically good reputation, from the more progressive acts like Voivod and Obliveon to the more extreme bands like Gorguts and Cryptopsy. Neuraxis are no exception, and tend more into the latter direction. Which means, if you like your death metal fat and full with chunky pieces, you're at the right place here.

Truth Beyond... is Neuraxis' third album so far, and although I am not familiar with their 10 years before, I have to admit that I am highly impressed with the new record. The twelve songs are mostly short death metal eruptions, but Neuraxis put so much substance into their music that you get the impression that most other and not so good bands would have needed double the playing time to get so much ideas in a song. Reminds sometimes of the more extreme Devin Townsend, another genius Canadian.

The songs are in a sense very progressive, because they combine relentless death metal brutality with frequent and unexpected (but always fitting) breaks and lots of melodic guitar lines. All of this is clad in the best production you can wish for a death metal album.

Truth Beyond... is one of the best death metal albums I have heard in a very long time, and if you feel the need (and I hope you do) do discover new great underground bands, then be sure to start with Neuraxis, because I promise you won't regret it. 9 juicy, blood dripping points.

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