NEUROSIS & JARBOE - Neurosis & Jarboe

Neurosis & Jarboe - Neurosis & Jarboe

8 songs
59:46 minutes
***** **
Neurot / Conspiracy

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This promised to be one of the more interesting collaborations. Neurosis are one of the most respectable rock bands ever, starting out as a third rate hardcore band before finding their monumental greatness in 1992 with Souls At Zero. From there on they were refining their style progressively, and left their more experimental ideas for their alter ego Tribes Of Neurot, while at the same time founding their own label Neurot Records. Not many bands can claim to have gone their own way so radically, and furthermore they are maybe the most intensive live band you might ever see.

Jarboe, whom I am rather unfamiliar with, used to be with the industrial legend Swans, and lies vocally somewhere between Siouxie and Diamanda Galas. Probably darker than the former, but less insane than the latter.

If you expect now something where the sum of the whole is bigger than the parts, you might be slightly disappointed. If I had listened to this self-titled CD without knowing who's behind it, I would have been impressed, but the way it is, this never comes across as a band album, which it isn't anyway. Not only did the two collaborators record in different facilities, but even among themselves they tended to switch studios.

The songwriting isn't really that engaging, sounding more like a soundtrack to Jarboe's admittedly intense incantations. Listening to the lyrics can give you easily the creeps. Of course it's difficult music, and you need to concentrate on the album quite a lot, but somehow the songs tend to drift into Tribes Of Neurot territory. But then, to be sincere, many bands would be proud if they came up with such deep music. Songs like the opener Within and especially the long and powerful Erase have enough quality to make this still a great album. Neurosis fans and lovers of lava rock will of course have to get this, but if you are new to this style, I suggest you rather start somewhere else with a regular Neurosis album. 7 points!

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