THE NEW BLACK - The New Black

The New Black - The New Black

12 songs
48:00 minutes
***** ***


The New Black from Germany haven’t chosen the most original name, considering that an Australian punk rock band has the same one, and Strapping Young Lad releasing an album with the same title three years ago. This will not help them with search engines on the Internet, but we shouldn’t neglect their debut album that shows a young, hungry and loud band entering the new year with a bang.

The self-titled album features timeless rock music that sounds neither too retro nor to trendy. The songs are heavy enough and there are plenty of melodies and choruses that beg to be sung along to. Next to the strong riffs and hooks, it’s the vocals that convince me most, reminding me a little of John Bush (Armored Saint, Anthrax), although The New Black never sound as metal as these bands but rather like Black Label Society or Nickelback with balls.

The variety of the songwriting is another aspect that needs to be pointed out. Some songs (Coming Home, The Man Who Saw The Universe) are wonderfully harmonic and have real hit potential. Southern elements can be heard on Simplify, whereas 50 Ways To Love Your Liver turns out to be their hardest moment, reminiscent somewhat of Pantera. Those who like it mellower are served with the semi-ballad Ballad Of Broken Angels and the melancholic Wound which concludes the album.

Apart from the unspectacular band name and album cover, The New Black did everything right on their debut. There are no weak moments on the CD which has the ideal length for a rock album with the necessary edges. Let’s welcome The New Black!

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