NH24 - Etre comme toi

NH24 - Etre comme toi

11 songs
33:30 minutes
***** **
New Hope


Starting out as a Blink 182 cover band a few years back, young French pop punks NH24 have finally released their debut longplayer Etre comme toi, filled with eleven original compositions, although they are still very strongly influenced by genre references like Green Day, Good Charlotte and Sum 41. Two of the songs are sung in English, and that’s where NH24 really lose their face, because their poor English is not up to par with the witty lyrics they intended to write. Especially Pornstar comes across as a juvenile fantasy that left me shaking my head.

The majority of the songs are fortunately in French, a language which the guys are much more at ease with. The vaster vocabulary and the more fluent approach give the material a nonchalant feeling that makes the album come just right for the summer which should be about to start now.

A look at the band photographs shows that NH24 are much too nice to be punk. They are in fact a pure pop band that uses distorted punk guitars and faster rhythms, and in this they remind me of fellow regional power pop band Foggy Bottom, although the younger NH24 have a more dynamic outlook on their music.

Pop punk can be really good (Green Day) but more often also rather embarrassing (Green Day clones). NH24 are a very promising band as long as they stick to their mother tongue. If they get rid of their English material in the future, they will stay away from their few ambarrassing moments. Etre comme toi is an astonishing debut album by a young and actually very refreshing band for the genre. And the cover picture is really sexy!

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