Nice New Outfit - Captura

7 songs
28:08 minutes
***** *
Lapdance Academy


A lot of bands nowadays play math rock, but fewer are fronted by a math teacher. This is obviously the only thing mathy about Nice New Outfit, an obscure rock band from Connecticut. A year or two back, they released an EP titled MotherChunk on Lapdance Academy, a net-label which offers its music for free.

Nice New Outfit may be a lot of things, but they are certainly not the most industrious people on the planet, as their current live album Captura contains only the four tracks from the EP, one as yet unreleased track (Medic) and two cover versions by Quicksand (Head To Wall) and Glassjaw (Cosmopolitan Bloodloss). This should already give you quite a good idea what to expect of this quintet.

Strongly inspired by the post grunge and post hardcore movements, Nice New Outfit come with two fat guitars that set the tone, a rhythm section that provides an unshakable backbone and a vocalist who is screaming out his lungs in perfect hardcore manner. The only thing lacking is an own identity. The band is acting quite adequately, but the not even half hour long live album makes it hard for the uninitiated to see any reason why they should prefer them over their overpowering forefathers.

Considering that this is a very underground net-label release, the quality of this early 2010 live recording is quite exceptional. This shouldn’t surprise as their soundman normally works for New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg. As Captura and the preceding EP MotherChunk come free of charge, fans of Helmet, Quicksand and the likes can’t go wrong by downloading this cool sounding if rather unoriginal half hour piece of post hardcore.

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