NIELS VEJLYT - The Predator

Niels Vejlyt - The Predator

11 songs
43:39 minutes


There are tons of guitar teachers who have the urge to release their own music. Niels Vejlyt from Denmark doesn't surprise by heading into the fast instrumental neo-classical speed metal genre, but this is one of the few times where we are dealing with an artist who is releasing his own music. Maybe Niels Vejlyt wants to stay underground, because his technical skills don't explain why no label could be found. Unfortunately therefore we are confronted with a very mediocre production that gives a very muddy sound. The guitar feels like a late-Eighties Shrapnel Records item, the drums have not enough power, the piano has a peculiar sound on the last two tracks that head into an even more classical direction. I would have placed those two tracks somewhere between the regular guitar pieces for more variation.

Somehow I do think you have to pay respect to artists like this who follow relentlessly their own musical vision, and even though Niels Vejlyt doesn't do anything new or original, his Yngwie inspired guitar playing is sometimes breathtakingly fast, and his rhythm guitar work has subtle jazz undertones. But when even the mastering can't keep the songs on a same level, we have to deal with a problem. Many DIY albums these days have professional sound, so maybe The Predator needs someone redoing the sound so that we can give this impressive yet poor sounding album a better and more deserved rating.

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