NIGHTSHADE - The Beginning Of Eradication

Nightshade - The Beginning Of Eradication

11 songs
28:09 minutes
***** **


The French metal scene has been treating us with quite a few positive surprises lately, even though it has been neglected for too many years. Nightshade are one of the harder specimen among their countrymen and play technical death metal with occasional grindcore parts. The Beginning Of Eradication is an impressive debut that’s all the more respectable considering the average age of twenty years.

The nine songs (minus the intro and the outro) that don’t even amount to half an hour are consequently played at an elevated pace. The music is incredibly brutal but manages to leave space for technical, grind and metalcore excursions. Despite its short running time, there are plenty of changes of tempo that prevent The Beginning Of Eradication to sound monotonous. Furthermore some tracks are full of grooves, which is most noticeable on The Last Day. Emo kids on the other hand will cherish their charmingly titled Tapeworms For Breakfast.

The only thing the French rockers are missing is a more original sound, but that’s something the youngsters have plenty of time to work on. Nightshade are using – on purpose or not? – common clichés of the genre, which doesn’t help to set them apart from similar artists. The short running time prevents the album to become tedious, but I am certain that the newcomers will fix this problem for the next album.

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