Nights Like These - The Faithless

11 songs
26:35 minutes
***** ***


They may come from Memphis, Tennessee, but don't expect anything sounding even vaguely like country music. Nights Like These show from the very first note on their debut album The Faithless that their metal is among the most uncompromising you will have heard in a long time. True enough, chaotic math metal isn't new, but Nights Like These tag the songs with such a blistering intensity that they bring hope back to the genre. With songs averaging little more than two minutes, they seem to flow one into the other, with complex rhythm patterns and angular noise guitars not helping to make things easier. But then at times where Dillinger Escape Plan enter the charts and Between The Buried And Me release an album with cover versions of partly pop artists, it is nice to hear a young band like Nights Like These whose math metal is so much closer to grind core and death metal.

Nights Like These are always best when they allow mid-tempo parts into their songs, like on the five minute Ghost Town Rituals or on the festive We Were Meant For Ruin, a perfect song with an epic melody delivered in just two minutes. The album closer Let The Waters Overtake Us is another highlight on this rather too short album.

The Faithless, while not yet redefining its genre, is a more than just respectable debut album from a band that comes from a rather unlikely state. If you have grown tires with the ever increasing armada of proggy chaos core bands, then Nights Like These might be just the band to get your appetite back. If they continue like this and elaborate on their strengths, then their next album might just be the classic we are waiting for.

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