NINE ELEVEN - City Of Quartz

Nine Eleven - City Of Quartz

10 songs
36:19 minutes
***** **
Chorus Of One


It’s no surprise that French band Nine Eleven is strongly rooted in the so-called new core genre, as their song The New Shame Of Punk To Come has borrowed its title from the Refused classic The Shape Of Punk To Come. Their second longplayer City Of Quartz, released as a vinyl LP with a CD version inside, features ten songs plus an interlude that should give fans of contemporary hardcore a lot to be happy about.

Starting with the title track, the first few moments come with a heavy sense of pathos before the band turns to brutal highspeed hardcore. The following two songs continue likewise, delivering their message in under three minutes. Just when you feel the need for some variety, Panem et Circenses manages to find room for slower parts in its four minutes. Actually the second half of the album comes with longer songs, which is also Nine Eleven’s strength. Why limit themselves to fast hardcore eruptions when their music develops much more strength and energy whenever the French aim for longer and more varied compositions. The Quick And The Dead and Sen even make it over five minutes.

All of this needs of course an interesting lyrical concept, and you won’t be disappointed. Nine Eleven have put enough thought into their messages, starting with their band name whose intention is to compare the number of victims of the Pinochet era to that that perished in the 9/11 attacks. City Of Quartz is a solid piece of aggressive new core that may still lack the necessary originality to make it an essential item, but if Nine Eleven concentrate on their strengths and can do without the many short and in my opinion less interesting songs that begin this album, they may quite possibly come forward with something awesome the next time around.

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