Ninnghizhidda - Demigod

11 songs
42:08 minutes
***** ****


The majority of black metal bands have logos that make it impossible to read their name. Not so Ninnghizhidda. Their logo is quite readable, but the band name should be reason enough to practice tongue contortions.

The Germans released their debut back in 1998 and were stranded afterwards due to label complications. Fortunately, they made it back and released their second CD on the Dutch label Displeased. Demigod is an album that takes some time to get used to, but after a few rotations of the CD in your stereo, you will witness a very mature effort. Ninnghizhidda certainly had enough time to practice in the three years following their debut.

The basic ingredient is black metal music, of course, considering the band name. But from there on, Ninnghizhidda are drawing wide circles around their roots to include such styles as dark metal, gothic, thrash, etc. to come to a very own style, that although sounding vaguely symphonic at times, is far away from the more commercial likes of Therion. Even the lead guitar is played very virtuosic at times.

Demigod may not be the best black metal album ever, but it is certainly starting a revolution from below. Listen once, and it's just another dark CD, but pay more attention, and you will discover a true piece of art.

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