NO AND THE MAYBES - No And The Maybes

No And The Maybes - No And The Maybes

12 songs
41:03 minutes
***** ****


If an as yet unknown band gets me motivated to be at their show at 7pm already, it means that they must be something special. No And The Maybes from Copenhagen reject every notion of hipness and do instead what pop bands should have been doing for the last forty-five years: they just play terrific pop songs! They are only three people: a guitarist, a bass player and a stand-up drummer who also plays the keyboards. The vocals are shared by all band members alike, and that’s the first thing that sets them apart from nearly every other band this side of the universe.

Their music may sound harmless and inoffensive at first, but once you get into their unlikely arrangements, you’ll notice that you are in the presence of real songsmiths. Think of early XTC’s quirkiness, They Might Be Giants’ childish good nature, Spookey Ruben’s romantic innocence, and a lot of Beach Boys like vocal harmonies, and you should be prepared for the forty minutes of feelgood pop music. Although rooted in Sixties pop music, No And The Maybes are at all times weird enough to keep your attention, never allowing their music to drift off into trivial grounds. No matter if we take an upbeat track like Boring, or the moving ballad Monday, the three-piece is good at every mood they are invoking. Bizarre song titles are matched by equally strange yet compelling compositions that prove that pop music can still work wonders. With a dozen catchy hits and incredible vocal work, every fan of indie music is challenged to discover this young band from Denmark. If they came up now with a regular homepage and more information in English language, they would certainly open doors for themselves. In times where a Sufjan Stevens is selling hundreds of thousands of albums, this band might not be as off radar as seems at first. Get this one now so that later you can claim to have been there from the start!

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