NODES OF RANVIER - Lost Senses, More Innocence

Nodes Of Ranvier - Lost Senses, More Innocence

10 songs
37:51 minutes
***** ****


Putting the CD into my player, turning up the volume really a lot, and hearing the first chords of the opening song Do You Wanna Dance?, another song about the 9-11 incident. First impression: great emotional hardcore. Listening on, detecting more and more metal influences. These guys probably love old Slayer. This is emo-core at its best. Nodes Of Ranvier put up an igniting combination of melody, aggression, screamo-vocals, and unexpected breaks. From a musical point of view, I can recommend this album to whoever loves bands like dEFDUMp (speaking for Luxembourg), Converge and... Slayer, of course.

Something which sets Nodes Of Ranvier apart from the aforementioned bands is the fact that they are a Christian hardcore band. I don't think Europe knows anything like that (at least I never encountered it), but a song like Soundtrack For Salvation which end in "Jesus Christ" chants is as weird to me as any generic Krishna chants you get from Shelter. From a lyrical point of view, I always preferred Christian bands like the Galactic Cowboys who were not evangelical and didn't preach so much, but this is then probably a scene thing, and it would be unfair to let that influence me, when I (as an Agnostic) give praise to Satanic black metal bands (although that happens less and less).

Anyway, in a democracy, everyone's entitled to their own opinion, which includes Nodes Of Ranvier. I might not like their lyrics, but that doesn't mean their music's bad. This is one hell (pun intended) of a record, and it would be a shame if this great music wouldn't be listened to by unbelievers like me just because of religious differences. 9 points for a strong emo-metal-core album.

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