Noise Capital - Ghost Army

10 songs
39:39 minutes
***** *
Blank Page


Noise Capital are four German musicians who have decided to play timeless alternative rock. Their first recordings had found their way on an EP titled Majestic. Now they are ready for their first longplayer Ghost Army. The gloomy album cover fits perfectly the currently rainy wintertime and lets you expect sounds of the darker persuasion.

The guitars remind strongly of the noise rock movement from about two decades ago, with comparisons to Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr being in order. Especially Overbored, the album’s strongest track, pays tribute to the golden age of noise rock. Unfortunately all that glitters is not gold, and despite some good intentions, I can’t get rid of the feeling that the band doesn’t want to offend anyone. As there are occasional pop and wave parts creeping in, the music often sounds too mellow. Play Along could as well have been a song by The Cure. Noise rock always sounds best when it is at its most unbridled, which is too rarely the case with Noise Capital. The drums could also be crashing louder. Another weakness are the vocals which partly are well integrated (as on Then You Faint, reminding me of Sharon Stoned), but at times are too faint and thin. Ending the album with the quiet And So I Run furthermore doesn’t help to stick the album in one’s memory.

I believe that Noise Capital are not yet mature enough to entertain throughout the length of a whole longplayer. Especially on the second half, they are losing the element of surprise when everything sounds somewhat familiar. The band would have done better by once again sticking to an EP which would have highlighted their virtues in a far better way.

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