NORTH SIDE KINGS - Suburban Royalty

North Side Kings - Suburban Royalty

15 songs
37:51 minutes
***** **
I Scream


Although the North Side Kings from Arizona have been active since 1999, and Suburban Royalty is already their fifth album, they kept a rather low profile to this day and are therefore only known to true scene experts. Those who like their hardcore absolutely old school, should be ready to invest some time into the North Side Kings.

The five artists are allergic to over-produced music and the ever more popular emo scene. How else could you explain the title of their opener Giving Emo Kids Something To Really Cry About? North Side Kings are simple and brutal, but never do without groovy parts. The recurring gang shouts give their music a macho attitude that is certainly intended. That’s why parallels to Nineties icons like Sick Of It All, Slapshot, Madball and Biohazard make perfect sense.

This description doesn’t sound too exciting, but North Side Kings still manage to create something worthwhile. The production is splendidly fat, the running time is optimal for this kind of music, and there is enough variety present. Highlights include the hymn Hustle Don’t Stop which reminds of early Body Count and Thugcore that combines Sixties rockabilly with nasty punk. Collectors of cover versions are indulged with Joan Jett’s Bad Reputation and Anthrax’s Among The Living.

North Side Kings definitely have street credibility. Those who need a break from emo or want to revel in nostalgia, get a short but intensive travel through tie with Suburban Royalty.

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