NOZOMI PHOENIX - Nozomi Phoenix

Nozomi Phoenix - Nozomi Phoenix

5 songs
22:46 minutes
***** ****
I See Love


With a Myspace homepage not working currently and a label website that doesn't offer any relevant information, I can only say that Nozomi Phoenix are an American East Coast band. Apart from that it's the music that does all the talking, and although this 5-track EP contains normal-length songs, the sound is so weird and original that it's really hard to get into it, but the sound is so exceptional that I caught myself already many times listening to the CD just to try and understand what this is all about. Basically I feel remind of two criminally underrated Nineties bands: Last Crack without the pathos and Naked Sun without the pomp. Combine this with earthy grunge sounds la Soundgarden and add a couple of floating guitar carpets, and there you have Nozomi Phoenix, a truly avant-garde rock band that enriched its songs with marvellous saxophone parts and some of the most charismatic vocals I have come across lately.

Apart from initial accessibility problems, this self-titled EP is a perfect demonstration that it is still possible today to make your very own thing, and although once you're in it, there is absolutely no flaw, I still hesitate to give the maximum rating of 10 points. For that honour, Nozomi Phoenix have to be able to complement this EP with an equally great full-length album. Until then try their homepage, hope that it will work someday soon again and check out their out-of-this-world rock music. Exceptional!

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