NUCLEAR ASSAULT - Third World Genocide

Nuclear Assault - Third World Genocide

13 songs
40:33 minutes
***** ****
Steamhammer / SPV


The renaissance of thrash metal is something great for everyone who enjoyed the birth of the genre in the mid-Eighties. The comeback started with bands like Testament, Kreator and Nuclear Assault who released a fantastic live album in 2003. Third World Genocide is the band's first studio album since 1992 when they split up. What's so amazing about this record is that it's sounding as if their ten year break had never existed. The production isn't polished at all and sounding as raw as their records were one and a half decade ago. The riffs used by Nuclear Assault are fast and brutal and don't contain anything trendy known from contemporary metal genres. It's just natural thrash metal as I adored it already on early Nuclear Assault albums like Handle With Care and Survive. Two other things that haven't changed are the fact that Nuclear Assault are still a socially and environmentally aware band which is reflected in their lyrics and of course their twisted sense of humour. Although eleven tracks are pure thrash, there are two more bizarre tracks: Long Haired Asshole is a square dance country track and Whine And Cheese shows some parallels to Black Flag's TV Party. John Connelly is still a fantastic singer and also quite unique, even he doesn't reach the high registers anymore as he did on their groundbreaking pioneer work.

Nuclear Assault made the right decision to make a comeback. The album isn't as extreme as what they played in the past, but the combination of harder tracks (Third World Genocide, Exoskeletal, Discharged Reason,...) and slower ones (Price Of Freedom, Living Hell,...) is well chosen. Nuclear Assault have only slightly changed and the music still is very energetic. I really hope that the comeback will last more than this one album.

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