O5 - Pretty Nonsense

O5 - Pretty Nonsense

12 songs
44:55 minutes
***** ***
Firestation Tower


Before releasing their new CD Pretty Nonsense, The O5 from Vienna / Austria toured twice as support act for Paul Weller in England. On this CD, you can easily hear that they have been influenced by this British music icon. The O5 can't be considered as a pure Style Council clone, but they combine a good portion of danceable beats with the raw energy of early Blur (Pretty Nonsense) and The Jam (I Feel Love) and the melodic richness of The Housemartins. The album also contains a cover version called Lovebells, a poppy and freaky version of the German seventies soul hit A Glockn. Sometimes The O5 combine brit pop with folk elements and the results are songs like My Favourite Things, sounding like a modern Jethro Tull tune or A Beggar's Song, not sounding too differently from Travis.

The O5 have been able to release a very fresh sounding pop album full of danceable sing-a-long songs. Although the song may be described as sweet or nice and the music may be suitable for many ears, the music by The O5 is never too commercial or too soft.

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