OCTAVIA - Guilty

Octavia - Guilty

5 songs
20:13 minutes
***** ***


Octavia is a Norwegian all-female six piece metal band who released their first EP in 2002. My first impression after having listened to the opener Nebula makes me think that Octavia are a simple gothic band with female vocals because the voice of singer Silje Wergeland can be put somehow between The Gathering (at Mandylion times) and Evanescence. But especially the mid-tempo songwriting and the rather low tuned guitars make Octavia different from classic gothic bands and put a more doomy touch into the music. On Guilty Am I and A Dying Sun In The Morning Of Moonlight, the band presents quite unusual song structures with a dark atmosphere. On the first four songs, Octavia prove that they deserve a top position among the moderate metal bands. Only the last track Solicitude doesn't please me so much; it's a very quiet and poorly instrumented sad song. Nevertheless there is a lot of talent in Octavia and I'm already looking forward to their first full-length CD.

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