OCTOPUSSYS - Face The World

Octopussys - Face The World

11 songs
34:44 minutes
***** ***


The Octopussy are a melodic punk band from Vilvoorde in the Flemish part of Belgium. Founded in 2005, the band has released since then an EP and a split.CD with Belgian punk band State Of Mine. In 2010 they put a hold on their busy live schedule to concentrate on the recording of their first longplayer Face The World.

The Octopussys play wonderfully spontaneous and cheerful punk rock the way we know it from American and Swedish bands from the Nineties. Maybe it is allowed to use the expression skate punk, although I don’t know how athletic the five Belgians actually are. Comparisons to bands like Blink 182, Pulley, Lagwagon and No Use For A Name are in order, as the band’s sound is not really original. This is not really a problem though, as Face The World is a very entertaining album that is fun from beginning to end.

The opener Tonight sets the pace with catchy punk riffs that are full of good nature. The band has a flair for good melodies without having to sound sugar coated. Hear Me Out and Never Look Back are two faster songs that are a welcome diversion. Best track on the album is Good Guys which has all it takes to become a summer hit. Only the concluding This Moment is somewhat disappointing, dwelling overly long in ballad territory and then also unable to convince later on. It seems as if the band was running out of steam on that last track.

Despite this small scratch, Face The World is an album that will make the day of every melodic punk rock fan. Even though it occasionally seems as if the Octopussys have taken their influences too literally, they only copy from the best. The band sounds carefree and it is inconceivable that these guys could be anything than good-natured. With this album, summer can finally come!

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