OESTRE - La piste des larmes

Oestre - La piste des larmes

9 songs
44:53 minutes
***** ***


French metal band Oestre, founded in 2003, plays a combination of hardcore and metal. Trying to be more innovative than most metalcore acts, they add further components like samples, electro and industrial influences. The band self-released three records in their past, which makes La piste des larmes their first sign of life on a label.

As the album title suggests, Oestre use their native tongue for the lyrics which doesn’t sound too bad. Noir Désir have shown in the past that the French language can be quite expressive, also outside schmaltzy chanson productions.

Oestre’s approach towards music is brutal and nasty. The basics of most songs are classic metalcore structures, but there’s much more behind the different tracks. Danse Macabre heads into a more classical industrial direction with parallels to the Young Gods. Le bal des fous and Pardonne-nous are two more complex songs with darker parts inspired by Type O Negative. Even tribal elements play an important part on this record which you can hear on Nature Morte, Le mal est fait and the instrumental Hors du temps performed on violins, acoustic guitars and a didgeridoo. Chacun son tour is another highlight that sounds a little like mid-period VoiVod. Even if their songs are all quite diverse, what they have in common is an astonishing amount of brutality and an enormous production courtesy of a Textures member.

If you like a weird acoustic cocktail inspired by bands like Meshuggah, Devin Townsend, Dying Fetus and Aphex Twin, there’s no way around Oestre. For my taste, the music could sometimes be a little straighter, but I respect the uncommon way chosen by Oestre which doesn’t of course go far enough to make them something unique, but avoids to be just another brutal band playing something between hardcore and metal.

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