DIE OLIVER MINCK ERFAHRUNG - Die Oliver Minck Erfahrung

Die Oliver Minck Erfahrung - Die Oliver Minck Erfahrung

13 songs
40:02 minutes
***** *


Oliver Minck is one half of German minimalist pop duo Wolke where he is in charge of vocals and bass guitar. As Wolke needed a creative break after three albums, it must have been time for a solo record. Oliver Minck’s voice is still agreeably warm, but he is this time also playing acoustic guitar as should be seen fitting for a singer/songwriter album.

This is not an entirely solo effort, because Oliver Minck has received support from current and former members of bands like Clipper, Angelika Express and Erdmöbel. Even if things proceed rather quietly most of the time, the CD can still be compared to a rollercoaster ride, as it contains a lot of highs and lows. Some tracks, like the swinging Popstar and the laidback indie pop song Der Weg, are absolutely convincing, while other ones feel a little lazy, like the boy scout campfire song Nicht viel mehr and Sie wird dich niemals nerven with its annoying whistling part. One might say that about half of the material is successful and should be ideal ear fodder for friends of diskurs pop. The other half comes much too lame. The lyrics are interesting throughout though, alternating smartly between wise poetry and biting humour attacks.

It would be wrong to deny Oliver Minck his talent, but the overall impression of his first solo CD is still slightly disappointing. He acts too tamely and emphasises too strongly his melancholic side which can’t really win me over. I always preferred the more rocking songs of Wolke, but Oliver Minck should be experienced enough to know what he likes best.

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