O.M.T - Anamantium

O.M.T - Anamantium

10 songs
43:27 minutes
***** ***


Although the United Kingdom has virtually invented popular music after the USA laid the groundwork with rock’n’roll, the island kingdom has never had an easy stance when it came to heavy metal music. Lately a lot of fresh young bands have made a stir, and O.M.T (which stands for Our Malevolent Tyranny) are just one of those many promising upstarts whose debut album Anamantium has turned out to become more mature than you would normally expect from a first effort.

The quintet from the South Coast blends modern thrash metal with unexpected melodic vocals, surprising the listener time and again with an unused sound that may sound familiar on the surface but which also has enough original qualities to make them stand out from your average new metal production. Anamantium starts with the five minute long opener That New Reality which sets the ground from the start. A tremendous production helps to emphasise their schizophrenic approach. The song starts like a straight-in-your-face thrasher but soon enough incorporated melodic guitar lines. The coarse vocals are met by sublimely melodic group vocals that leave you wondering if this is an extreme metal band that by some fluke hired real singers. The first half of the album continues on this high level. Two songs deserve to be singled out. Shattered Dreams And Promises enchants with an unforgettable chorus, and the short Break Shake proves that you can play catchy metal songs in just three minutes.

The second half doesn’t actually change the modus operandi, but the über-songs from earlier on are harder to pick out. But then O.M.T are still a newcomer band, and it should not be forgotten that many youngsters can’t even hold that level during their best moments. There’s a lot of potential that still deserves to be dug out, and until then, fans of modern thrash metal are advised to check out this already more than promising debut. Coming with a fat production, searing guitar riffs, a devastating rhythm section, great guitar harmonies and far above average vocals that always convince, no matter if the band chooses to scream or sing, Anamantium is a respectable first step into the metal world. We better keep our eyes open for future activities of this outstanding British metal band.

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