ONE BAR TOWN - Say Me A Rosary

One Bar Town - Say Me A Rosary

12 songs
46:55 minutes
***** ***


Although One Bar Town are musicians from Germany and Denmark, they so far succeed in creating a special country atmosphere on their CDs. When I have to compare this second album to their debut, my opinion is that One Bar Town have done much progress. Or have I become more accustomed to country rock? Anyway, One Bar Town have chosen a more rocking direction than on Power Of Principles. Don't forget that they chose Tue Madsen from Danish metal band Grope as a producer. The opener Could've Should've is quite a relax track and brings you quickly in the right mood for this album. Song number 2 - Line Dance Punk Rock Lesbians (maybe the greatest song title on Earth) - is faster and the chorus could have been taken from the Rocky Horror show. The title song is very calm and represents the band name. Imagine this song as the soundtrack of a roadmovie when you are in a small village which only consists of corn fields, silos and a single bar. Strangle(Hold)Me sounds as it could be the number one hit in this single bar. The CD is full of variation, the only negative fact is that there are still two less exciting slows on the record. Call it roots rock, cow punk, hillbilly or just country, it's a cool album which lots of depth. But I suppose it will probable reach a more adult audience. And now it looks as Truck Stop aren't anymore Germany's best country band. Although both bands come from Northern Germany.

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