One Man Army and the Undead Quartet - Grim Tales

11 songs
46:59 minutes
***** **


After the demise of The Crown, vocalist Johan Lindstrand didn’t remain idle and promptly founded One Man Army and the Undead Quartet where he consequently continues where he left.

As his four musicians also gathered already experience in other bands, it comes as no surprise that we get an impeccable mixture of death and thrash metal. Production values and instrumental abilities are also without a fault. Even the songwriting on Grim Tales is quite alright, as long as you don’t expect anything original. Many songs are built on classical death metal structures and are driven by thrashy guitar riffs. In fact the guitars are played at an exceptionally high level and offer unexpectedly many solos. Only three tracks are played in a more moderate mid-tempo but certainly don’t lack brutality. Especially the stomping Bastards Of Monstrosity, ending the CD, should be pointed out. Another favourite is Cursed By The Knife with its playful and complex nature.

Despite many strong moments, Grim Tales doesn’t contain those highlights that we came to expect from The Crown. As One Dead Army hasn’t been together for a long time, it’s possible that they will grow together in the future, becoming able to make improvements mostly concerning their songwriting. For a debut, Grim Tales is already an impressive calling card.

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