OPHIDIAN - Ophidian

Ophidian - Ophidian

5 songs
25:42 minutes
***** ****


Ophidian are the most recent metal revelation from Luxemburg. Only a few months after the band foundation, they have been able to reach the final round of the Emergenza newcomer contest. Very strange is the band members' musical background. Their former bands were Serenity (metal), Carefree (punk) and Tweed (pop), and the bass player is currently also playing with Everyday Zulu (folk). The result of that mix is not any kind of crossover, but quite complex metal inspired by Nevermore and Annihilator. The front lady with the nice name Cassy Wire has a well trained voice and she's able to use it in many different ways. There are melodic passages, emotional ones and real growls à la Sabine Classen (Holy Moses). The first two songs Fall and Messiah are harder, faster and on a technical high level. The third song Serenity is the most melodic on the CD and goes easily into your ears. The 7-minutes long Agony is not only the longest song, but also gives an overview of Ophidian's broad repertoire and is the best track on the album. The last song is called Roads and is again more melodic. Ophidian are a young band that don't use any clichés unlike many other metal bands do. I think they have a bright future ahead.

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