ORATORY - Beyond Earth

Oratory - Beyond Earth

11 songs
54:02 minutes
***** ***
Limb Music


Oratory are a melodic metal band from Portugal. I didn't like their last CD Illusion Dimensions too much because the song structures were just too simple. They reminded me very much of Silent Force, surely not my favourite band. After the release, frontman Marco Alves left the band and was replaced by the background singer Ana Lara. While only listening to the opener Beyond Earth, I only regret that this step wasn't already done earlier. Ana Lara has a very clear, nearly angelic voice that can sometimes be compared to Sabine Engelsbacher. In fact Oratory may be described as Edenbridge at a harder level. Her voice is perfect to give the songs a poppy touch in an appropriate way. From the musical point of view, you can expect a lot of melodic tunes, but also classic metal hymns. The use of keyboards and acoustic guitars also enriches the music and puts it aside from classic metal clichés. Most songs are fast and driving, without being very hard or brutal. Song Of Lust is the most commercial song and the chorus would be suitable to represent Portugal at the Grand Prix Eurovision de la Chanson. The end of the CD gets slower with two epic tracks (Story Of All Times, A New Quest). Beyond Earth is a concept album about the travels of Vasco da Gama, the most famous Portuguese if you don't consider Luis Figo or Moonspell.

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