OUR THEORY - Collapse

Our Theory - Collapse

9 songs
32:28 minutes
***** *
M & O


Our Theory consists of five musicians from France who see themselves as a post hardcore band. Founded in 2011, their intention was to add a breath of fresh air into the French scene, and their debut longplayer Collapse didnít take long to be released. As far as I know the French rock music scene is currently on a rather healthy level, which is why I have the impression that Our Theory have set themselves a rather high standard.

The mix of melodic and more extreme parts is well executed, but the recipe isnít that new to take the listener by surprise. The guitar riffs are quite heavy, and the rhythm section also offers a tight game. So nothing wrong with the playersí skills. The vocalist also comes across very accent-free and switches skilfully between clean and screamed parts. Itís also interesting that all the songs are titled "The" followed by a noun.

The bandís major problem is their songwriting. The Storm is a rather balmy breeze, and The Fall also never really finds momentum. Some tracks have a more commercial orientation, flirting with the North American market. The Tide shows parallels to Faith No More, while The Light with its emo component might appeal to a younger audience. The End and The Liars both feature guest musicians and are two heavier and consequently better tracks. The concluding The City, another slightly heavier moment, is also one of the bandís more interesting pieces.

Collapse is always at its most appealing when the musicians dare to let it rock. One can only encourage the band to work harder in that heavier direction. Maybe this debut came a little premature, considering itís only a good half hour long. If Our Theory come next time with something more powerful, a higher rating is definitely likely.

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