POWELL YOUNG - 2065 Flying Fingers

Powell Young - 2065 Flying Fingers

12 songs
57:24 minutes


I have heard tons of guitar wizards from Japan and South Korea, but I was not aware of the fact that Communist China had to offer some, or at least one, too. Powell Young - most likely a pseudoname - is an instructor at the Beijing Opera, and apart from that a guitar player recommended by Joe Satriani.

Does that make this a worthwhile effort? Not really, because most of the time, Young is just plainly trying to imitate Western guitar music. In times like these where the market is literally flooded with instrumental guitar virtuoso albums, a Chinese musicians can only score due to his exoticness. Still, not everything is unoriginal on 2065 Flying Fingers: songs like Mari and Trouble Water are highly interesting as they weave Oriental folk music (percussion and chants) into the songwriting, and the guitar only pieces Flying Fingers and In A Moody City display Young's skills in a great way. On the minus-side you get futile blues attempts like Highway 66 or Speedy King, stuff that should have been abolished already decades ago.

All in all Powell Young seems to be a promising new artist from the East, and if he just concentrated more on his roots, he would be one of the most originally outstanding artists.

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