Randy Coven - Witch Way

8 songs
32:34 minutes


Holy Mother and Yngwie Malmsteen bass player Randy West's new solo album may have many high profile guest musicians (Leslie West and Al Pitrelli, just to name two of them), but it is the single most boring listening experience I have ever come across. Mr West is a very talented bass player, and he doesn't hide it, but even though the music is a combination of fusion and funk music, it has something very cheap sounding to it. It may be the weird keyboard sounds. Even though I am not a big Doors fan, his rendition of Riders On The Storm is downright blasphemous.

Apart from the fact that I don't like this album at all, I also think it is disrespectful to the people who may like it to release an album like this with a playing time of only a good half hour. But then the torture was less for me. 2 generous points, due to the obvious bassing skills.

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