Rescue The Anne - Isn't She

10 songs
36:26 minutes
***** ***
NK Rock City / One Take


What a strange name! Rescue The Anne is based on a doll called Resusci-Anne. Less sweet than Barbie & Co is however the music played by this German four-piece from Neunkirchen. Since their foundation in 1988 they decided to play lo-fi indie pop rock. The opener from their third CD Isn't She is called Let Go and is a very relax alternative guitar pop song reminding me a bit of Guided By Voices. This is in general the better side of Rescue The Anne when they try to rock. Good examples are In Dreams, I Remember You or Rock'n'Roll Lovers which makes me think of Tito & Tarantula. Sometimes Rescue The Anne try a bigger approach towards folk or pop music, but the result is then too soft for me. Such songs are Sweet Oyster or Beyond The Real. My personal highlight on this record is Bomb Party, a song with a very catchy melody and good female co-vocals. The production is quite OK, the CD doesn't last too long and the song writing shows lots of variation, meaning that listening to Rescue The Anne isn't a boring experience. I just hope that they will make a clearer step towards rock music on their fourth CD as this is surely their stronger side.

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