SABBTAIL - Nightchurch

Sabbtail - Nightchurch

9 songs
44:38 minutes


Already the cover artwork showing a mysterious monk and a cloudy sky lets you guess that this will be a real metal album. And I can tell immediately that the most interesting fact about Sabbtail is the band name: Sabbtail is the main character appearing in short stories written by band member Jan Bingegard. Some more details about Sabbtail are that Nightchurch is their second CD, but the debut Otherworlds (2000) was only published in Japan, although the band is from Sweden. At least I didn't miss anything so far because their retro Deep Purple or Rainbow like hard rock can't make me a fan of them. Everything they play is just too traditional. Especially disturbing is singer Mats Leven (one of many ex-Malmsteen front men) who forces his vocals out of his throat. There are only a few good moments when Sabbtail try to bring at least some contemporary elements into their music as it can be heard on the last two tracks Dragons Flight and Figure This, but there are also some far above average tracks like According To and especially Your Fear. Maybe metal traditionalists will like listening to Sabbtail, but this CD won't enter my CD player for a second time.

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