SAD EYED LEMURS - Infinite Time

Sad Eyed Lemurs - Infinite Time

16 songs
64:38 minutes
***** ***


I was starting to worry. More than six months and still no new sign of life from Turkish lo-fi wunderkind Sad Eyed Lemurs. After having dabbled with a band, September last year offered one more solo release. The sixteen tracks on the new album Infinite Time have consequently all been written and/or recorded between October 2005 and May 2006.

Infinite Time starts like your typical Sad Eyed Lemurs album, spinning songs full of sadness, melancholy and understated vocals that seem to drown on the musical carpet woven, most of the time, out of keyboards, electric guitar (at times played backwards) and a subtle beat machine. The middle of the CD offers a few more experimental tracks that show a not so common SEL side.

Although SEL is not reinventing their own music, the panoply of genres they are borrowing from (lo-fi, avant folk, post rock, ambient, soundtrack) guarantees that there is still development and improvement, and although Infinite Time will leave a rather gloomy impression, it is nevertheless a respectable piece of introspective solo music.

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