SAD EYED LEMURS - January 2004

Sad Eyed Lemurs - January 2004

8 songs
31:24 minutes
***** ***


It was only last December when I reviewed the first four releases of Sad Eyed Lemurs, and now, only two months after his last release, Mert Basaran aka SEL releases another CD, this time it's eight songs and could thus be considered a nearly full-length album.

Not that much has changed with SEL's approach to music. The song titles are still held in a language absolutely foreign to me. This is certainly not Turkish, even though SEL is from Istanbul. The opener oulime is trademark SEL: slow rhythm, guitars that always sound slightly out of tune, subdued vocals (in English, I think), all resulting in a weird combination of avant garde and experimental soundtrack music. This release contains also three even more experimental tunes that are used to link the more regular material. unnamenea treads the path of proto-pop, most reminiscent of the Residents. The album ends with vandwelling6, a theme which has already been present of some of SEL's previous releases. Furthermore it's the only title that makes any sense in the English language, being about people living in their cars.

This January release by Sad Eyed Lemurs aims clearly at people who are interested in experimental music. The sounds you hear on this album have been born in the unfathomable mind of one person, and it's always an interesting experience to dive into these soundscapes and get lost in the labyrinthine structures of this strange and haunting music.

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