Sad Eyed Lemurs - Pasuedon

10 songs
27:24 minutes
***** ***


After about twenty solo albums in only a couple of years, Sad Eyed Lemurs turned from a solo project to a band, maybe not in the common sense of the word, but it's clearly recognisable that this is the product of more than just one person. Their first band effort Yante was already reviewed here, and Pasuedon sounds more or less like a companion piece. Where the songs on Yante were sprawling and at times verging on the operatic, Pasuedon concentrates on shorter songs, being on the one hand more accessible, but on the other one it was the epic proportions of Yante that made it at times so enjoyable.

Pasuedon is still typical "new" Sad Eyed Lemurs, with instruments feeling slightly detuned, hushed vocals, an overall elegiac atmosphere that is only broken on the last, two minute short piece. I heard female vocals this time only on the second track, and time for bigger structures is only the seventh one, with shortly below five minutes.

You may have noticed that I didn't have a title list, and yet considering how much and how soon these guys release demos, it is still astounding how memorable so much of their songs are. Sad Eyed Lemurs is experimental music at its best, which is again proven by Pasuedon.

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