THE SAINT JAMES SOCIETY - The Saint James Society

The Saint James Society - The Saint James Society

4 songs
16:59 minutes
***** ***
Tee Pee


Pentecostal Desert Glam is a genre I don’t recall having come across, but then nowadays many band invent new labels to make themselves seem interesting. A fact is that The Saint James Society from Austin, Texas is a mightily rocking retro band, although fortunately are not one of those countless clones of Airbourne, The Darkness or Kings Of Leon. The Seventies must have come and gone unnoticed for this quintet which is rooted in the deepest garages of the late Sixties. Consisting of a bassist/vocalist, a guitarist, a drummer and a twin vocal tandem of rebel queens (don’t shoot the messenger, I am only quoting!), the latter of which doesn’t leave much an impact on record though, apart from some backing vocals, and I surmise that they are probably shining live on stage as gorgeous eye candy, as the promo photos let me suggest.

It’s a bit of a shame that this self-titled debut EP contains only four tracks and is already over so soon, as The Saint James Society are doing something quite refreshing to the retro genre. Instead of riff-heavy hard rock, we get a hypnotically pumping bass line, a freewheeling guitar, pounding drums and vocals full of the powers of incantation. This band must surely have come across The Cramps, Velvet Underground and The Doors, but they are more than just a plain old boring copy. There is a highly pleasant psychedelic component to their music, adding some mystery to the sexy groove of their garage sound. The songs, although actually never longer than five minutes, always take their time to build up momentum and suspense. This could have sounded boring with any other band, but the Texans are smart enough to make it work, leaving you after short seventeen minutes only wanting for more. If their hopefully soon upcoming longplayer continues in that high quality vein, I am certainly awarding them an even higher grade.

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