SANCHO PANZA! - Schicksal Mensch

Sancho Panza! - Schicksal Mensch

13 songs
43:45 minutes
***** *


I don’t know if it’s still ok to use this term from the Nineties, but Sancho Panza! from Cologne could definitely be considered a fun punk band. They started in 2008 and soon after released their EP Guten Morgen which is now followed by the longplayer Schicksal Mensch.

Melodic punk with German lyrics makes you think right away of Die Ärzte, and Sancho Panza! probably will have to live with this comparison too. It is quite impressive how easygoing and good-natured the three musicians are acting. The music is consciously kept uncomplicated, the lyrics are also very clear and distinct in order to encourage people to sing along. This reminds me somehow of the bizarre artist Buttermaker whose career highlight was an invitation to Hugo Egon Balder’s show on Super RTL. As nice as this all may sound, it is also a fact that Sancho Panza! have soon run out of ideas. Even though they vary their pace from time to time, things eventually tend to sound the same. The twelfth track consists of a few heartbeats before the band decides to conclude the album with a nice acoustic number.

Sancho Panza! certainly have some good ideas, but at times they sound borrowed and get repeated too often. In my opinion this band was not yet ready for a longplayer and would have fared better by releasing another EP with five or six songs. The band sells Schicksal Mensch for only 8 euros, which at least corresponds to what you normally pay for an EP.

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