SAPIENTIA - Dicit Cellulanus

Sapientia - Dicit Cellulanus

7 songs
49:23 minutes
***** *


You don't have to make publicity for this CD, the author expressed himself. Well isn't it nice? My first fear rejects itself by the first song already, as I thought Islek Records only publishes metal records. I don't want to fix Sapientia (one man project) to experimental music. In fact I consider the music as a well done mixture between ambient music and neo folk, in the context to the devotion to nature and inspired by the author's most-loved literature. So if you already hunt for the next deep winter, and do not have the time for serious literature, consume this music. Unfortunately this CD was recorded two years ago and maybe doesn't reflect the actual musical orientation of Sapienita anymore. But things are growing slow in Big City Wiltz.

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