SAPROFFAGO - Bestial Horrible Thoughts

Saproffago - Bestial Horrible Thoughts

10 songs
38:26 minutes


Goregiastic Records specialise in releasing Colombian death metal, and while I approve in the strongest possible terms of making music from further away available to the rest of the world, I also need to stay sincere: Saproffago play brutal death metal that the world doesn't really need. Bestial Horrible Thoughts is not necessarily a truly bad album, but it is so obsessed with being absolutely old school that there is not a single moment making you look up in astonishment at an original idea. Yes, they are influenced by the likes of Suffocation and Broken Hope, both important bands in the genre, but the ten songs on this album just sound more or less the same: fast and very fast death metal with your typical gut wrenching vocals. With a better production, this could still have been a mildly entertaining album, but somehow everything drowns in a mediocre sound where sonic transparency is desperately lacking. With so many death metal releases on the market, I doubt that with this debut, Saproffago will achieve much outside of their native Colombia.

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