Satariel - Chifra

4 songs
15:50 minutes
***** ****


Satariel were founded in Sweden in 1993 as a death metal band. Their new EP Chifra shows the band from a much developed side and is also their first sign of life since their album Hydra from 2005.

Their death metal roots haven’t vanished completely, although there are also many black metal elements involved. The many atmospheric parts also allow comparisons to Amorphis and Candlemass. I am mostly surprised by the relaxed approach that Satariel use to combine brutal, groovy, accessible and epic metal structures. The different moods flow seamlessly into one another, getting you from one part to a totally different one without your getting even conscious of it. The title track is due to the amazing double bass drums and the searing thrash metal guitar riffs the most aggressive track on the CD. The other songs have such catchy melodies that they don’t feel, despite some growl parts, like extreme metal any longer, which is meant as a compliment. Even fans of pop goth like HIM could like this EP, provided that they have a taste in slightly heavier music.

It’s too bad that the fun stops already after a quarter hour. But you can always watch the video clip of Hogtied Angel (title sounds more extreme than the song actually is) which is added as a bonus. Chifra is an excellent appetiser for their new album White Ink which is scheduled to appear this year.

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