SAXON - Into The Labyrinth

Saxon - Into The Labyrinth

12 songs
50:17 minutes
***** **
Steamhammer / SPV


Saxon started in 1977 with many NWOBHM band and are now among the very few who have never really taken a break since then. Into The Labyrinth is their already eighteenth studio album, and Saxon still play traditional heavy metal as if the last three decades failed to leave an impression on them.

Writing something new about legends like Motörhead, AC/DC or Saxon is quite an impossible endeavour. There is hardly any hard rock fan who never heard of them, whether they like them or not. They mostly fulfilled my expectations with their new album. Already the opener Battalions Of Steel is full of pathos and feels like a parody of Manowar. Although Saxon rarely shy away from clichés, their classical hard rock / heavy metal still knows to please. Despite their elevated age, Biff Byford and his band show with killer tracks like Demon Sweeney Todd and Hellcat that they still know how to rock! Other highlights are the great hymn Valley Of The Kings and the country tinged Coming Home. Biff Byford still has one of the most distinctive voices in the metal circus.

Unfortunately there are also some shadow moments on Into The Labyrinth. The two disappointingly weak tracks Slow Lane Blues and Crime Of Passion are placed right next to each other in the middle of the album, bereaving it some of its steam.

Eventually the album contains more high than low moments, making Into The Labyrinth another Saxon release that can be recommended to every fan of timeless hard rock and heavy metal music. The limited edition comes with a bonus DVD containing a seventy minute long documentary and a video clip.

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