SCANNER - Scantropolis

Scanner - Scantropolis

10 songs
48:45 minutes
***** ****


Maybe you remember Scanner as a melodic speed metal band which appeared at the end of the Eighties. They never were really successful and released only 4 albums between 1988 and 1996. After a quite long break, they decided to try it again, but presenting a whole new concept. For the first time, Scanner have a front woman with the beautiful name Lisa Croft. Although she has only gathered some experience as a background singer in a cover band, she does a good job on her debut and reminds me a lot of Pat Benatar. Another e-zine ( described her as a mixture of Modern Talking and Alanis Morisette, but I don't think we should take this to seriously. Lisa has a solid and firm voice which suits very well with the melodic prog metal Scanner are playing nowadays. The CD presents everything: some easy listening with hit appeal (Till The Ferryman Dies) to melancholic stuff (Hallowed Be My Name) and slower songs (Flight Of The Eagle, Always Alien). One song, in the German language, is an interpretation of a poem by Bert Brecht. The concept behind the CD is that Metropolis as it was presented in this film classic by Fritz Lang has become more or less reality nowadays. Definitely a very interesting comeback.

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