Scarlet Anger - Kill The King

5 songs
20:50 minutes
***** ***


Luxembourgish thrash metal band Scarlet Anger was founded in 2007 and has been quite busy ever since. This not only counts for their numerous live shows, but also to their recording activities. Their debut La realidad es triste… from 2009 is now followed by their second EP titled Killed The King, which is by the way not a reference to the Rainbow classic. Scarlet Anger play purest old school thrash and certainly don’t take any prisoners.

The opener New God Rising instantly sets the mood for a musical time travel into the Eighties. This fast and quite aggressive track reminds not only a little of Kreator and contains a lot of guitar solos delivered by two guys truly gifted on their instruments. The following My Battlefield sounds a little edgier and made me think of good old Metal Church when David Wayne was still among them. From Fool To King continues in that vein but still might be the least striking moment on the EP. Things heat up once again with the fierce Game Over whose structure is more complex than one would think at first. The record concludes with the great Face Of Evil, which puts next to some incredibly fast parts a melodic chorus that provides an unexpected catchiness. The digipak with its rounded corners looks definitely attractive, but the music has of course all the necessary rough edges.

The new millennium has seen the rise of many great metal bands in Luxembourg, and Scarlet Anger certainly have all it takes to be counted among the best of them. You’d be a fool to miss out on Kill The King.

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