SCARROTS - The Sound Of Being Lost

Scarrots - The Sound Of Being Lost

11 songs
35:50 minutes
***** ****


Together for more than ten years, Belgian dance pop punks Scarrots only now release their second full length album The Sound Of Being Lost. The opener Arrows Of Light is clearly aimed at radio stations, and while its melodic and melancholic approach sure enough is nice and dreamy, it is anything but a proper way to begin an album. Fortunately the short Paradise Paralyse which follows on the track veers into a faster and sunnier direction, and from here on Scarrots offer song after song of bright bubbly dance emo pop punk songs that are not only perfectly produced, but the six-piece confront their powerful guitars with very interesting synthesizer arrangements. The vocalist has a charismatic voice, always melodic, never whiny, and furthermore a pronunciation that makes you think you’re listening to an American band. Experience must have taken all provinciality from Scarrots who sound like a US band, making them eventually the Belgian answer to the equally great Action Action.

The Sound Of Being Lost may start a bit lamely, but the overall impression is more than just positive. Complemented by artistically pleasing artwork, Scarrots have catapulted themselves to the top of the Belgian music scene, and are in my opinion among the best bands of their busy label. Fans of melodic punk rock who don’t shy away from keyboards definitely need to check out this CD.

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