SCARS OF TOMORROW - Rope Tied To The Trigger

Scars Of Tomorrow - Rope Tied To The Trigger

11 songs
38:02 minutes
***** ****


Many metal / hardcore bands give you the impression that everything has already been discovered in that genre. However there are exceptions like the Californian Scars Of Tomorrow. I can't understand how you can play such angry songs when it's so sunny outside, but their intense emo core with metal guitars and double bass and two vocalists (angry and nice vocals, of course) is just outstanding. Scars Of Tomorrow always try to play at near maximum velocity, but their raw and brutal structures are often interrupted by more melodic parts. And we shouldn't forget to mention that they are technically at a very high level. The song writing may lack a bit of variation, but no track on this album is sounding forced. The five musicians just seem to let their power and energy out and the result is a stunning milestone of contemporary hardcore. The sound production is very robust and fits perfectly, but I suppose that seeing Scars Of Tomorrow live would be an even more intense experience. If I had to compare them to other bands, the first two which come into my mind are Atreyu (USA) and Def Dump from Luxemburg. Scars Of Tomorrow are a band who need to be observed more closely.

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