SCARS OF TOMORROW - The Failure In Drowning

Scars Of Tomorrow - The Failure In Drowning

10 songs
35:23 minutes


Rope Tied To The Trigger and The Horror Of Realization, the two previous CDs by Scars Of Tomorrow, received positive reviews on this homepage. But I have some problems with their meanwhile fifth album The Failure In Drowning. The reason can be either the lack of variety compared to previous works or the total metalcore overkill that's beginning to annoy me very much.

Metal core experts may say that there is much more behind their music, but the combination of brutal and crude hardcore parts with melodic metal parts is a typical metal core trademark. And the confrontation of Pantera-like rough screams and clean vocals doesn't surprise either anymore. Moshable rhythms and staccato riffs are played on a technical level that of course is very high, but the album just suffers from a lack of variation. The only track which slightly differs from the rest is Broken Silence, with its doomy atmosphere and down-tuned guitars. But apart from that, I couldn't name any track which has the potential to be another highlight on the record.

Metal core is a music which has quickly reached its zenith. When even an established band like Scars Of Tomorrow isn't able to create a smasher album anymore, then I really see black for this musical genre. As I don't doubt there is enough talent behind Scars Of Tomorrow, they surely could be a more interesting band if they concentrated on their more melodic side. They sometimes work well as on The Unwinding, but the brutal parts are just too repetitive, making The Failure In Drowning a mediocre album which risks drowning in the huge mass of metal core publications.

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