SCHANDMAUL - Traumtänzer

Schandmaul - Traumtänzer

14 songs
55:35 minutes


Schandmaul have been one of the most popular medieval rock bands in German for a long time. The band from Southern Germany was founded in 1998 and is now back with their seventh studio album Traumtänzer. Commercial success didn’t take much time, catapulting them to the position 4 of the German music charts.

Their widespread fame can be explained by the fact that Schandmaul sound much less extreme than for instance Subway To Sally or In Extremo. Traumtänzer does contain a couple of faster played tracks, but you will look in vain for that certain edginess. All too often the band is relying on melancholy, which doesn’t work well for them. The weakest link is in my opinion their vocalist Thomas Lindner who sounds like he might just be the brother of schlager singer Patrick Lindner. His vocals are just too tame and would be better used in advertisement jingles than in rock. One of the better songs is Geas Traum, dealing with Wolfgang Hohlbein’s novel Infinity. This track reveals suspenseful arrangements, but once again the thin voice destroys the positive elements.

Of course folklore does not always have to be coupled with metal to conjure real power, but on this album, a lot has turned out too soft. If you want to hear a better band combining folk and rock, try Honigdieb where the expressive vocals add a lot of dynamics.

I have to admit that I had to listen to the album in two days, because after seven tracks, I had to take a break. Schandmaul have a very conservative attitude towards music that they will hardly change, considering their current success. That’s why I will furthermore listen to medieval rock bands that don’t neglect the rock component.

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