Screamin' Stukas - A Lotta Rhythm

12 songs
44:10 minutes
***** ****
White Jazz / Tug


The bandname, the cover artwork and the label make you think that the Screamin' Stukas are another Scandinavian band sounding like The Hellacopters or the Flaming Sideburns. Without doubting the talents of these bands, the Screamin' Stukas play their rock'n'roll in a much more diverse way. Classic rock'n'roll tracks with screams are rare on this CD. The Screamin' Stukas feel much more inspired by the late Sixties glam rock la Slade, Sweet and especially T-Rex. With their debut album A Lotta Rhythm, they spread fun-charged, explosive rock'n'roll which convinced me already after only a few chords. Although retro rock often irritates me, the Screamin' Stukas are musically very flexible which makes listening to this debut a fascinating experience. There is 50s orientated rock'n'roll (Action, A Lotta Rhythm) as well as beautiful pop pearls where they sound as nice as The Beatles (My My Girl) or even as sweet as The Cardigans (On The Wing). Soul (D'Yer Understand) and Pink Floyd-like monumental stuff (Incomplete & Out Of Time) make also part of their big repertoire. Furthermore I can't name you many albums having sweeter choruses than this one. The Screamin' Stukas rule!!!

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