Scream Silence - Elegy

11 songs
51:26 minutes
Plain Song


Elegy is the fourth album by the German gothic pop band Scream Silence. There may be several reasons, but I really can't find a way into their music. These are possible explanations: 1) I may have the wrong gender. 2) The music is totally dated, HIM made similar stuff more than five years ago. 3) I'm not the biggest fan of gothic music. 4) The song writing itself.

It's hard to discover depth or emotions in the very simple, often similar and too pop-like song structures. The dominating keyboards using too many high sounds are very disturbing from the beginning on. The vocals are absolutely unoriginal, there are too many gothic bands which have already tried the same lines before. The instruments sampled by keyboards or any other computer software can't convince at all. I don't see a reason why I could recommend this record to anyone. Fans of slower gothic should listen to HIM and those of harder gothic will find their luck in Type O Negative. Elegy is one of the most unnecessary releases of this year.

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