SCUT - This Is How It Feels When You Stumble

Scut - This Is How It Feels When You Stumble

10 songs
40:22 minutes
***** ****


German indie rockers Scut are back with their second album This Is How It Feels When You Stumble, and although I had some initial problems with it, my very positive review of their debut made me give it a couple more runs.

The late Douglas Adams would have described my first impression as “mostly harmless”, but if you are willing and able to invest more time, you will understand that Scut never intend to reinvent a genre, but rather are aiming at creating the perfect pop album. Ten songs in forty minutes, with hardly any sonic experiments, therefore the four-piece relies on solid songwriting which this time around is reminding me heavily of Pixies, Papas Fritas, Lush, Magnapop and other twee pop bands of the Nineties. The songs are smartly balancing between melancholic ballads and wall-of-sound guitar attacks. The mixed male/female vocals also work perfectly.

Although I can’t possibly say that Scut have improved that much, they still deliver that same high quality level, even if their pop songs seem simple on the surface, they have all the trademarks that made the aforementioned bands so valuable ten to fifteen years ago. Highlights include the long opener This Thinly Veiled Metaphor, Drop Down and the incredibly great Summer’s Gone.

If you are looking for the perfect soundtrack for this year’s summer, do not look any further and get This Is How It Feels When You Stumble. I hope they will spoil us again with another such great release two years from now.

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